For all beer lovers our brewpub and stores offer the best selection of draft beer from breweries all over the world. Tap Beer was the first beer store in NYC that started using innovative counter pressure foam-free growler filling system. This way beer stays fresh and tastes as good at home as it was just poured from the keg. We use 4 sizes of plastic recyclable bottles which are free for you. Today, there are 3 stores and one brewpub in South Brooklyn. Tap Beer Brewpub is ready to start our own brewing operation on the premises sometime in May 2020. 

Tap Beer brewpub and stores have the most favorite beer snacks like dried and smoked fish, pistachios and smoked cheese. Hot food beer pairings like chicken wings, calamari rings, BBQ ribs, burgers and more, are served at brewpub location only. Temporarily, Tap Beer Brewpub is open for take out orders and delivery only. To place an order, call 718-872-6700.

Tap Beer Brewpub and Stores